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Depeche Mode: Construction Time Again (1983)


“Construction Time Again“ is the third studio album by English electronic band Depeche Mode.

Background of the Production

Depeche Mode was formed in Basildon, Essex in 1980 by Vince Clarke (keyboards, lead and backing vocals, guitars), Andy Fletcher (keyboards, bass guitar, backing vocals), Martin Gore (keyboards, guitars, backing and lead vocals), and Dave Gahan (lead vocals). 

In 1981, they signed to Mute Records, and released three singles and their debut album “Speak & Spell“.

Their early music when Clarke was the main songwriter was characterized by light synth-pop in the bubblegum pop style, However, after Clarke left the group in 1981, Gore became the main songwriter, and their music changed into a more lyrical style.

In 1982, Alan Wilder (keyboards, piano, drums, backing vocals) joined the group as a new member.


The album “Construction Time Again“ was recorded at John Foxx’s The Garden studio in London and was mixed at Hansa Mischraum (mixing room) in Berlin.

It was co-produced by Daniel Miller and Depeche Mode.

The album was released on Mute Records in 1983, and peaked at number 6 in the UK Albums Chart.

This work is an industrial-oriented synth-pop album that incorporated experimental sounds with lyrical, beautiful melodies.

It became a turning point for the group to develop their music into a darker, more experimental style.

The album is characterized by the use of sampling, industrial-oriented sounds using “found objects“ and metallic percussion under the inspiration of Einstürzende Neubauten, semi-orchestral instrumentation incorporating synths with acoustic instruments (guitar and piano), oriental elements like East European folk music, and the lyrics dealing with political themes, such as criticism against capitalism, nuclear threat in the Cold War era, and environmentalism.

“Two Minute Warning“ and “The Landscape Is Changing“ are written by Wilder. Other tracks are written by Gore.

The album includes singles, “Everything Counts” (1983) and “Love, in Itself” (1983).

“Everything Counts” is a catchy industrial pop song sampling “found objects“, xylophone and a melodica. This song peaked at number 6 in the UK Singles Chart.

“Love, in Itself“ is a synth-pop song featuring horn, acoustic guitar, and piano. This song peaked at number 21 in the UK Singles Chart.

“Pipeline“ is an experimental industrial pop song sampling various “found objects“, including metallic percussion and the sound of a table tennis ball bouncing.

Track Listing

Side One

  1. Love, in Itself – 4:29
  2. More Than a Party – 4:45
  3. Pipeline – 5:54
  4. Everything Counts – 4:20

Side Two

  1. Two Minute Warning – 4:13
  2. Shame – 3:51
  3. The Landscape Is Changing – 4:49
  4. Told You So – 4:26
  5. And Then… – 4:35
  6. Everything Counts (Reprise) (hidden track) – 1:05
Depeche Mode – Love, In Itself (Official Video)