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Ergo Proxy (2006)


“Ergo Proxy” is a Japanese TV anime series produced by Manglobe and aired on the satellite channel WOWOW in 2006.

It is a science fiction/cyberpunk/psychological thriller anime in the neo-noir style. Set in a post-apocalyptic and dystopian future world.

Original story and animation production by Manglobe. The chief writer is Dai Satō. Directed by Shūkō Murase. 23 episodes.

Plot Outline

In a domed city “Romdeau”, an agent of the Citizen Intelligence Bureau, Re-l Mayer investigates the case of runaway AutoReivs (androids) who got self-awareness by virus infection, and she witnesses monstrous humanoids called “Proxies”.

In search of the identity of the Proxies and the truth of the society, she leaves Romdeau and goes to the world outside, following Vincent Law, an immigrant man who is charged with treason and flees from Romdeau.

Vincent, who has lost his memory, makes a journey to his birthplace Mosk, taking a sailboat-type vehicle with a girl-like, companion-type AutoReiv Pino and Re-l Mayer.


It includes science fiction themes, such as coexistence of humans and robots, and rebirth of humans, and philosophical and religious themes, such as reason for the existence (raison d’etre) of the ego, and relationship between gods and humans.

Though the settings and story are esoteric and hard to understand at sight, the decadent world-view and aesthetic, beautiful images are enticing. It can also be appreciated as a road movie depicting a self-searching journey of a man who lost his past memory.

“Paranoid Android” (1997), the lead single from the album “OK Computer” (1997) by English alternative rock band Radiohead, was used as the main theme (ending theme).

Recommended for those who like dystopian science fiction, cyberpunk, and philosophical anime.

Ergo Proxy Trailer HD "Pulse of the awakening"