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Jackie McLean: Let Freedom Ring (1962)

“Let Freedom Ring” is an album by American jazz alto saxophonist Jackie McLean. It was recorded in 1962, and released in 1963 on the Blue Note label.

This album is regarded as one of McLean’s greatest works, along with “One Step Beyond” (1963).

It was a modern work at that time, for it was based on hard bop, and also incorporated the elements of modal jazz and free jazz under the influence of John Coltrane and Ornette Coleman.

Performed by the one-horn quartet of Jackie McLean (alto saxophone), Walter Davis, Jr. (piano), Herbie Lewis (bass), and Billy Higgins (drums).

It is basically orthodox hard bop, but it is a little avant-garde for it uses lots of high-pitched freaky tones (overtones).

“I’ll Keep Loving You” is a beautiful ballad composed by Bud Powell. Other three pieced are McLean’s originals.

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