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Tito Puente and His Orchestra: Dance Mania (1958)

“Dance Mania” is the best-known and best-selling album by Tito Puente, an American timbales player and Latin musician of Puerto Rican descent, who was born in New York in 1923, and is often called as “the king of the timbales” and “the king of Latin music”, and his orchestra.

The album was recorded in 1957, and released by RCA Records in 1958.

Performed by his big band with piano, saxophones, trumpets, percussions, timbales, vibraphone and marimba.

A masterpiece of pop and danceable salsa/Latin music based on afro-cuban jazz and mambo.

The lead vocalist is Santos Colón. The lyrics are Spanish.

The 2009 “Legacy Edition” is a two-CD set that contains all the tracks of “Dance Mania” and “Dance Mania Vol. 2” (1961), and 21 bonus tracks.

El Bajo — Tito Puente & His Orchestra, Dance Mania