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Duruflé: Requiem; 4 Motets Sur Des Thèmes Grégoriens (Corboz, 1984, 1985)


“Duruflé: Requiem; 4 Motets Sur Des Thèmes Grégoriens” is an album that contains two compositions by Maurice Duruflé, a 20th-century French composer and organist: “Requiem” and “Quatre Motets sur des thèmes Grégoriens (4 Motets on Gregorian Themes)”.


“Requiem” (the full-orchestra version) was conducted by Michel Corboz, and performed by Teresa Berganza (mezzo-soprano), José van Dam (baritone), Philippe Corboz (organ), Ensemble Vocal “Audite Nova” de Paris, and Chœur & Orchestre Colonne. Recorded in 1984.

“Quatre Motets sur des thèmes Grégoriens” was conducted by Jean Sourisse, and performed by Ensemble Vocal “Audite Nova” de Paris. Recorded in 1985.

The original LP was released by Erato in 1986.


“Requiem”, Op. 9, is a sacred vocal composition filled with clear beauty and prayer. It was composed for mezzo soprano and baritone solos, and mixed choir in 1947 with reference to Faure’s “Requiem” as a model. There are three versions: the large orchestra version (1947), the organ version, and the small orchestra version (1961).

It follows the structure (liturgical texts) and instrumentation of Faure’s “Requiem”. It differs from Faure’s “Requiem” in that it uses the melodies of the Gregorian chants as they are. It projects a strange freshness due to the combination of archaism and modern, sophisticated harmonies.

Quatre Motets sur des thèmes Grégoriens

“Quatre Motets sur des thèmes Grégoriens”, Op. 10, is a sacred vocal composition composed in 1960 for mixed choir (SATB) a capella.

Duruflé – Requiem, Op.9 & Motets (Teresa Berganza, J. Van Dam – Century's recording: Michel Corboz)