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Perfume: Cosmic Explorer (2016)

Perfume are a Japanese pop girl group of three: Ayaka Nishiwaki (A-chan), Yuka Kashino (Kashiyuka) and Ayano Omoto (Nocchi). They were formed in Hiroshima Prefecture in 2000. They belong to the entertainment company Amuse, and are known for their futuristic synth-pop and dance.

Their fifth original album “Cosmic Explorer” is a good work with catchy J-pop songs and electronic dance music (EDM)/electro house sounds blended together. It is regarded as a high point in their career from a musical perspective.

It includes single tracks: “Sweet Refrain” (Album mix), “Cling Cling” (Album mix), “Relax in the City”, “Pick Me Up”, and “Star Train” (Album mix).

All the tracks written, arranged, and produced by Yasutaka Nakata (Capsule).

The U.S. Rolling Stone magazine selected this album as No.16 on its “20 Best Pop Albums of 2016”.

Perfume/Cosmic Explorer (2016)
Perfume/Cosmic Explorer (2016)
[Official Music Video] Perfume 「Relax In The City」