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808 State: 90 (1989)

“90” is the second full-length album by 808 State, the English electronic music group formed in Manchester in 1987. It was released on the major label ZTT Records in 1989.

The album is a techno classic that established their own style of melodic and intelligent dance music by incorporating the elements of the U.S. underground dance music, such as acid house, detroit techno, and ambient music.

It includes “Pacific 202”, one of the versions of a hit single “Pacific State” (No. 10 on the U.K. single chart).

There is also the U.S. version “Utd. State 90” (1990), which includes bonus tracks instead of “The Fat Shadow”.

The 2008 deluxe edition (2 CDs) consists of the original album remastered by Graham Massey and a bonus disc of remixes and unreleased tracks.

808 State – Pacific 202 (audio only)