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The Modern Lovers: The Modern Lovers (1971–1972/1976)


“The Modern Lovers” is the only official album by the Modern Lovers, an American rock band led by Jonathan Richman (vocals, guitar) and formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1970.


It is one of the most important proto-punk albums between the Velvet Underground and New York punk.

Alternative/indie rock blending minimalistic rock & roll and garage sounds under the influence of the Velvet Underground.

The original nine tracks had been recorded in 1971–1972, but the band couldn’t release them as an album at that time. It was released on the independent label Beserkley Records in 1976 after the band disbanded in 1974. Six of the tracks were produced by John Cale, who was an ex-member of the Velvet Underground.

The music of the Modern Lovers band was influential on punk rock at that time and later new wave and indie rock.

The album includes “Roadrunner”, which was covered by Sex Pistols, and “Pablo Picasso”, which was covered by many artists such as John Cale, David Bowie, and Television Personalities.

The 2003 reissue CD contains the original nine tracks and eight bonus tracks.

The members, Jerry Harrison (keyboards) later joined Talking Heads, and David Robinson (drums) joined the Cars.

Modern Lovers – Pablo Picasso