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Goblin: Suspiria [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] (1977)

The original soundtrack of the Italian horror film Suspiria (1977) directed by Dario Argento. All the tracks composed, arranged and performed by Goblin, an Italian progressive rock band known for their soundtrack works.

The film is an occult horror film classic, featuring shocking gore scenes and extremely artificial images based on primary colors.

The soundtrack is a heavy and percussive score that includes elements of early music and folk music. It evokes medieval European magic.

It was produced with the use of a variety of instruments, such as celesta, glockenspiel, acoustic guitar, tabla (Indian percussion), bouzouki (Greek string instrument), Moog synths, and mellotron (presetting the sound of church organ), and sound effects such as modulated voices.

The track No. 6 “Black Forest/Blind Concert” (not used in the film) is the original edit of the recording of progressive rock tunes in the jazz rock style.

Recommended for those who like experimental music and goth rock.

Goblin/Suspiria [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] (1977)
Goblin/Suspiria [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] (1977)