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Bernard Herrmann: Music from the Great Hitchcock Movie Thrillers (1969)

“Music from the Great Hitchcock Movie Thrillers” is a collection of film scores composed by Bernard Herrmann, an American composer noted for his film music, for Alfred Hitchcock films.

Bernard Herrmann himself arranged his scores into concert suite form, and recorded them in 1968, conducting London Philharmonic Orchestra.

It contains “Psycho (A narrative for orchestra)”, “Marnie”, “North by Northwest”, “Vertigo” (Prelude/The nightmare/Scène d’amour), and “A Portrait of ‘Hitch'” (from “The Trouble with Harry”).

It is a collection of incidental music characterized by the frequent use of ostinato and phrases like sound effects. It helped the suspenseful developments of Hitchcock films.

This album has a spatial and pseudo surround sound by “Phase 4 Stereo”, the multi-channel recording technique of Decca/London Records.

The original LP wa released by Decca/London Records in 1969. The CD was released in 1996. The 1999 CD “Psycho: Great Hitchcock Movie Thrillers” is a reissue of this album, which includes two extra non-Herrmann tracks.