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Burial: Untrue (2007)


“Untrue” is the second studio album by Burial (William Bevan), a British electronic musician and producer from South London.


The album was recorded in 2006–2007, and was released by Hyperdub in 2007.

It contains tracks of electronic music produced by use of the digital audio editing software Sound Forge.

It is a dubstep/ambient techno classic descended from UK dance music, such as garage, 2-step, jungle, and hardcore.

The album is characterized by its pitch-shifted and time-stretched vocal samples from R&B tracks.

Atmospheric soundscape that evokes something like a feeling of loneliness in a dystopian future world.

The album includes singles, “Archangel” and “Ghost Hardware”.

In 2017, English music journalist Simon Reynolds described this album as “the most important electronic album of the century so far” in the American online music magazine Pitchfork.

Burial, Archangel