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WestBam: We’ll Never Stop Living This Way (1997)

“We’ll Never Stop Living This Way” is a 1997 album by WestBam (birth name: Maximilian Lenz), a German techno DJ born in 1965, who had worked as the leader of the German house/techno scene since the early 1980s, and is known as one of the founders of the German techno record label “Low Spirit”, and one of the founders of “Mayday”, the electronic music festival in Germany.

His moniker “WestBam” comes from his birthplace Westphalia and American DJ Afrika Bambaataa.

The album consists of techno and house tracks based on electro (electro-funk) with simple and minimalistic sounds, which are seamlessly played nonstop.

It Includes “Sunshine” (reached No. 5 on the German single chart) by Dr. Motte and WestBam, which was the 1997 theme of the electronic dance music festival “Love Parade”, and “Sonic Empire”, the theme of Mayday 1997 released under the name of Members of Mayday.

American hip-hop DJ Afrika Islam, who is the son of Afrika Bambaataa, joined in “Free Me”.

The original German CD/LP released on Low Spirit Recordings in 1997 contains 14 tracks.

The Japanese CD released on RCA Ariola Japan, Sony in 1998 contains 15 tracks including “Cherry Blossom Dub” by WestBam and Takkyu Ishino.

The US/UK edition CD/LP released on Mute Corporation in 1999 contains 12 tracks. The US/UK versions have different tracks from the German/Japanese versions.

Westbam – Terminator (Official Video HQ)