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Genocidal Organ (2017)


“Genocidal Organ” is a 2017 Japanese anime film based on the science fiction novel of the same name (published in 2007) by Project Itoh. It was the third installment of the animated film series (projected by noitaminA) based on the three novels by Project Itoh.

Direction and screenplay by Shūkō Murase (the director of the 2006 TV anime series “Ergo Proxy”). Animation produced by Geno Studio. 114 minutes.


After the 2001 September 11 attacks and a nuclear bomb attack in Sarajevo, the world is split between major powers that reject terrorism by surveillance and security control and small nations suffering civil wars. Captain Clavis Shepherd, who belongs to the U.S. special forces for intelligence and assassination, takes an undercover investigation with his contingent in Georgia, Prague, India and Africa, tracking a mystery American linguist John Paul, who discovered the existence of an organ of genocide (“Genocidal Organ”) in human body that can be activated using “genocide grammar”, and caused civil wars and genocides around the world by using it.


The original is a near-future military science fiction novel that dealt with the political themes of savagery of human nature, imbalance in life value between nations in the globalized world, and the ethical sin of ignoring others’ lives to keep us safe.

This animated film version is an adaptation that faithfully visualized the main story of the original novel, though several parts of the original were changed or abbreviated (the episode about the death of the leading character’s mother was cut).

It can be watched as a near-future science fiction film on serious themes, or a military action film featuring high-tech mechas and gadgets without reading the original, though reading the original makes it more understandable.

Need to note that it contains a lot of bloody murder scenes.

The film was originally produced by Manglobe, but a new company Geno Studio took over the production because Manglobe failed in business.

Genocidal Organ – Official Trailer [English Subtitled]