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Brian Eno: Ambient 1: Music for Airports (1978)

“Ambient 1: Music for Airports” is the sixth studio album by Brian Eno, an English musician, composer and record producer known as a pioneer of ambient music. It war released in 1978 by Polydor Records.

The first of Eno’s “Ambient” series that had pioneered ambient music under the influence of Erik Satie’s “furniture music”.

A tranquil and comfortable electroacoustic work created by the methods of minimal music (repetition and gradation).

It was created for actual use as background music in airports. It can be piped as background music, and it can also be appreciated as pure music, and it can also be experienced as a sound installation.

It consists of four tracks created by layering tape loops of differing lengths:

“1/1” (piano, electric piano, synthesizer), “2/1” (female vocals, synthesizer), “1/2” (female vocals, piano) and “2/2” (synthesizer only).

The personnel are the former Soft Machine member Robert Wyatt (piano, composition), Rhett Davies (composition, engineering), Conny Plank (engineering) and others.

Brian Eno – Ambient 1: Music for Airports [Full Album]